Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival: Instant Inspiration

One of the beloved traditions in our little town is the Winter Park Art Festival. Located just minutes from downtown Orlando and the theme parks, I’ve loved attending since I was a little girl and even sold my first piece of art in that show at age 12.
The sidewalk show is the perfect combination of spring, art and “window shopping.”  And watching the people who watch the artwork is as much fun as the art itself.  Each artist with their own aesthetic, combined with the park and her new blooms, creates the perfect outdoor gallery of inspiration.  It doesn’t take a lot for me to leave there and paint up something new that makes me feel like I am an exhibitor myself.
Going to this art festival year after year, renews my curiosity of trying new mediums, new subject matter and boldly painting. As a result of browsing the show, we now have some designs! So….what inspires you in your everyday?
Untitled design-2.jpegblush blossoms jpg.jpeg
blush blossomjp.jpeg

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