Fifty Shades of Taupe

Visiting far away places is always a good time for inspiration. For me, I didn’t even need to leave my hotel for new visions in Aspen.  Upon entering, the mahogany lined walls and blue stone floors immediately drew me in, never mind the low buzz of music and clinking of glasses in the lobby lounge. I was hooked and then sucked into the layers of taupe.

unnamed (1).jpg


As a rule, I usually don’t paint with it much as it’s dull and tired, but not here.  I went from one area to another are…all shades of taupe.  Not dirt colored, not ashy, but layer upon layer of taupe, each with a different twist, hue and finish. I couldn’t stop counting or taking pictures.  In my mind, I was designing entire suites of work using the color I never use.  Taupe, fifty shades of taupe…..introducing the newest pieces to our collection. Here’s to many, many more shades of taupe.




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